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     The times have changed!

     At BlueFlash Media, we understand and embrace the incredible changes that the Internet has brought to our world. Websites like YouTube have clearly demonstrated the power of video on the Internet.

     BlueFlash Media was founded upon the twin principles of high impact and low cost. We have proven that amazingly powerful, high quality content can be produced and delivered at shockingly low prices. We bring creativity, passion and a wealth of Internet media experience to every project.

     Truly the times have changed! Contact us to find out how, together, we can change the world. Please experience our sample media. You'll see that we have a wide range of interests and that we are passionate about the projects we represent.

Windows Media format

Angel's Nest
Amazing Tour

Dr. James Rhea and
the Miracle of Guatamala

from Brian's Life

The House on Jefferson Street
MAGIC!   Imagine A Night
Cool, interesting, thought-provoking stories are being developed continually at BlueFlash Media. Check back often for more sample content.
Updated Oct/2007