Jim Porterfield - A Man with a Vision
     Founder of BlueFlash Media

     Mr. Porterfield was managing projects for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) when the Internet came into existence. He quickly saw that the Internet fulfilled the promise of a 'window on the world', something that had been predicted since the advent of the PC.

     Early in 1999, Mr. Porterfield took a surplus computer, installed a piece of inexpensive hardware, some free demo software, hooked a digital video camera to it, and changed the communication paradigm for the federal government.

     In a instant, federal workers, scientists and administrators were freed from text-based web pages and attained the ability to connect to a rich world of live and on-demand video information, training, and events. A river of information flowing right to the personal computer in every person's office became available. No longer was it necessary to leave the office to participate in meetings, conferences, seminars, or training. The time and cost savings would prove to be staggering.

     Mr. Porterfield and his partner, Mr. Gerskovic, went on to establish their own annual federal conference (Streams of Fire), expand the services and quality of the NIST streaming media project, and help establish the Federal Streaming Alliance (FSA).

     For his vision and dedication, Mr. Porterfield was twice honored as One of the Fifty Most Influential People in Streaming by Digital Media Magazine. He was also invited to present at national and international media conferences, and served for two years as the chairman of the Federal Streaming Alliance.

     When he left federal service, Mr. Porterfield knew exactly where to channel his energy. His vision was to make the power, reach, and amazing cost-effectiveness of rich new media available to everyone. Mr. Porterfield predicted that all forms of communication would find a common distribution platform in the Internet..and that fusion is happening today. Mr. Porterfield also predicted that the Internet would empower everyone - individuals, small companies, schools, spiritual organizations, etc. to share their message with the world. That vision led to the founding of BlueFlash Media.

     We urge you to contact BlueFlash Media and let Mr. Porterfield put his vision, ideas, and boundless energy to work for you!.