Angels Nest Sustainable Living Environment
Prototype living environment for today and the future

     You may say "What is that!?". I know I did when, while driving across western New Mexico, I came upon it. It rises out of the stark desert landscape like a combination spaceship and science project. When I saw the sign advertising tours of this amazing structure, I had to stop. An hour later, my life had changed, and with it all my ideas about energy, housing, and sustainability.

     Angel's Nest is the culmination of years of work and the vision of two extraordinary people: Robert Plarr and Victoria Peters.

Robert Plarr is a visionary, entrepreneur,
spokesperson, and co-founder and the
technical force behind the Angel's Nest

Victoria Peters is a professional actress, model, spokesperson, dancer, fitness and lifestyle consultant, photojournalist, and co-founder and muse of the Angel's Nest organization.

     When these two energetic and intellectual forces focused their talents and vision within the concept of Angels Nest and what it represents, things started happening. They drew to themselves the brightest and most dedicated visionaries. Their mission is clear - save the Earth by recasting basic beliefs about housing, energy, health, and freedom.

     What would you say about a home that's basic installation costs much less than a townhouse in any large American city, that makes it's own energy, recycles all its own waste, feeds its owners, and can look like anything your imagination desires?

  Angel's Nest Video Tour
     The work that Mr. Plarr and Ms Peters and their associates are doing is far too important to admire, then forget about. I strongly urge you to visit their website, familiarize yourself with their concepts and international outreach, and get involved in helping save our planet.

     Angel's Nest website