Dr. James Rhea is a dentist who is very popular with his patients, including those in Maryland, Russia, India, Tibet, Mexico, Guatamala, and many other countries. You see, Dr. Rhea, in addition to having a thriving practice in America, volunteers his professional services in places where there is great need but little ability to pay. He works with other dedicated professionals who truly believe that their skills were meant to serve Mankind.

     This story, however, is even more than just the story of a dedicated and caring professional. This is also the story of a mission to Guatamala. A mission of service. A mission that included Dr. Rhea's wife. This is the story of a miracle.

  Dr. Rhea and the Miracle in Guatamala  (9:13)

     This interview with Dr. James Rhea was filmed in a beautiful natural space with a small pond and running water. If you listen carefully, you can actually hear the call of a frog at 5:03 in the interview! The lush natural surrounding seemed to perfectly reflect the peaceful and compassionate personality of Dr. Rhea.